Call for PhD Grants IN3-UOC

The call for grant applications for the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme; Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme, and Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme is open.

The deadline for applications for the doctoral programmes is 31st January 2016. The UOC is offering grants for these three doctoral programmes for the 2016/2017 academic year.

To be eligible for the UOC Doctoral Grants Programme students must be full-time and physically present at the University’s premises.

The conventional duration of the grants is three years, which can in some cases be extended to a fourth year of postdoctoral work. Grants require annual renewal. Renewal is contingent on the students achieving the training and research objectives established in each case. One of these objectives is to complete the doctoral thesis within a maximum of three years, after which students can apply for a further one-year postdoctoral grant.

The programmes will offer the possibility to develop Industrial Doctorates, with grants for the best applicants with agreements with companies. Doctoral students undertaking an industrial doctorate will have a university supervisor and a tutor at the company.

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya ( is a fully accredited online university based in Barcelona and serving over 60,000 students worldwide. The University welcomes doctoral students who want to develop their research in a highly qualified and international setting and on a doctoral programme that forms part of the Bologna process.

Prospective applicants can find information on the application procedure, and on the content and organization of each doctoral programme on the website of the doctoral school. We recommend you contact the researcher who is in charge of the thesis proposal you are interested in and ask him for advice (e.g. by sending them a draft of the application letter).

Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme

Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme:

Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme:

The rules and conditions for the 2016/2017 UOC Grants can be consulted in the website.

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2016. The application requires several relevant documents to be submitted. Please, prepare your application in advance.

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