A call for regulation to safeguard the Wi-Fi of the future

The second Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World Congress is to be held in Barcelona on 25, 26 and 27 October. It is the leading congress in this rapidly growing sector and is where the latest new developments and innovations are unveiled.

According to analysts, the rapid evolution of sensors, networks and data analysis systems will lead to billions of “things” being connected to the internet in just a few years’ time. The rise of the internet of things will bring obvious benefits for society, but it will also bring mass connectivity. And many companies using wireless technology want to use the bands that are freely available, those that anyone can broadcast on and that are used for Wi-Fi technology among others.

However, doing so without the proper mechanisms for control could lead to these bands becoming increasingly congested. Mass use of this technology could crowd the spectrum and make Wi-Fi inoperable. This underlying problem for the Internet of Things industry has also been at the top of the agenda recently for researchers at universities around the world.

With this in mind, the researchers signing this document would like to take advantage of the fact that this congress is being held now to warn of the problems that increased use of wireless technology and the spread of smart cities could lead to. And we would call for the entities involved to work on the regulatory mechanisms necessary to avoid problems in the future for users, in the same way that many researchers are studying mechanisms that would let society and industry coexist in harmony.

WiNe Members.