Technological Transfer


We developed a reference design for a platform called Intelligent Industrial Internet (I3) Mote. The I3Mote is designed as an open and universal hardware platform targeting process/factory automation and building automation connectivity and sensing deployments. It uses the most advanced low-power components to address wireless and wired connectivity, onboard computing, and sensing, the platform is designed for early prototyping and easy deployment with a small form factor and robust performance. In particular it features a powerful MSP432 data fusion unit and enables wired HART compliant connectivity and wirelessHART/6TiSCH bridging for industrial applications.


We developed a RFID antenna-based moisture sensor, based on standard UHF tags. The sensing principle is based on analyzing variations in the passive backscatter signal of wet and dry tags. After modeling and evaluating the proposed sensors in laboratory and context scenarios, we obtain consistent results, based on simple statistical analysis of the RFID retrieved data, allowing us to infer moisture or water presence. Although intended for the automaker industry, our proposal opens novel ubiquitous cost-efficient sensing possibilities in a broad range of contexts.


We are developing an affordable end to end wireless solution for aquaculture, consisting of data loggers and user interface. Each data logger controls a high number of sensors relevant for this field, such as: water/air temperature, humidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2 concentration, etc. The data gathered from these sensors is available to the user in a personalized graphical interface, where it can be continuously monitored. Moreover, the user has the ability to set alarms, to control which sensors are active and how much data should they send.   


Few years ago we designed OpenMote as a platform to replace the old Telos B. The idea was to provide an open hardware platform that was suitable to execute and support the development of the IEEE802.15.4 TSCH and the IETF 6TiSCH protocols. We developed different generations of the OpenMote being OpenMote-B the latest release. In it we added a second radio to support the novel IEEE802.15.4g including the novel OFDM modulation and targeting WiSUN networks. As of today it is the only open hardware platform with this characteristics.